The Importance of Education by James Padlock

For over 30 years, James Padlock has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching in private, urban, and rural classrooms. His areas of expertise include Special Education, Physical Education, Leadership, and Community Service. For James Padlock, education isn’t only necessary; it’s critical to your success—professionally and personally.

You see, James sees education as an invaluable means to an end: gaining knowledge to deepen wisdom and see the world from different perspectives, which ultimately puts the odds for success in our favor.

While some may argue that education isn’t really important, that your talent and skills, as well as your “street-smart skills” that are the foundations for success, all these will not bear much fruit if they aren’t backed-up by lessons you can only learn inside the classroom—from educators who may have had to overcome obstacles to get to where they are now. In other words, educators do not only teach lessons from textbooks, but they also teach lessons about life based on their own experiences. These, and so much more, says James Padlock, are the reasons why formal education should never be neglected, overlooked, abused, or altogether skipped.

Finally, education expands your horizons. It opens worlds that you could never have imagined. And it opens up opportunities that may never have been made available to you. Learn everything you can inside the classroom; devour every lesson, learn from teachers as well as your classmates, and take the lessons with you when you navigate the “real world.”

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